What Promotion Type Will Help You Reach Your Goal?



There are so many different types of promotions that sometimes it can seem difficult for publishers to choose the right one to meet their goals. Therefore, the best reason to start is by identifying one’s goals and then selecting the promotion type that will best serve them.

Here Shweiki Media Printing Company teams up with Matt Coen of Second Street Promotions Lab to present publishers with tips for determining the correct type of promotions to meet their goals.

Most media companies are probably hoping to achieve some of the following goals with their promotions:


Promotions can certainly help publishers (and their advertisers) achieve all of these goals—it’s just a matter of determining the right type of promotion to get there. One can even combine several promotions in one campaign to reach multiple goals at once!

One thing that’s important to remember is that all of the promotions described below have the power to grow a database if email opt-in is included on the entry form or registration page. One could even add opt-ins for multiple lists, such as the general promotional email list, the deals email lists, or even news and weather alerts.

Here’s a look at each type of promotion and which goals they can help one achieve…



romotion Type: Sweepstakes

Since sweepstakes have a very low barrier to entry, they’re perfect for quickly growing an email database (and social media following if the sweepstakes is added to the business Facebook Page). Sweepstakes are also a great way to keep an audience happy, and by allowing multiple entries, they can help increase site traffic as well. While any time is the right time to run a sweepstakes, they are particularly useful in advance of a more major promotion to help build up a promotional database. 



cutest kid contest

Photo, video, MP3 and essay contests are very engaging, drive lots of site traffic when people return to vote, and encourage social sharing. These contests are also great for generating sponsorship revenue because they are often targeted to a specific demographic. Depending on how many advertisers one wants to work with, a variety of different sponsorship packages can be built.


Bracket Pickem


Sports contests present a major opportunity for sponsorship revenue and audience engagement as people come back week after week to make their picks. These promotions also work very well in tandem with other promotions–like submission contests, sweepstakes or custom brackets–that are set up to reach a more targeted audience.


Metro Ballots

These ballots are huge promotions that generate tons of site traffic, audience engagement and sponsorship revenue opportunity (not to mention additional revenue from expanded listings and category sponsorships). They tie in well with print special sections, events, and online content, and are very helpful for cultivating relationships with a wide variety of advertisers in one’s market.


niche ballots

Metro ballots are huge promotional events and bring in lots of revenue, but they only take place once a year. In the months in between the major ballot, there are plenty of opportunities to run smaller, more targeted niche ballots. These are a great way to keep an audience engaged year-round, and can even serve as a stepping stone to a larger metro promotion if one hasn’t been run before. Furthermore, since they have the ability to put one in touch with smaller advertisers than most contests, niche ballots are the perfect way to generate incremental revenue from small and mid-sized local businesses.



ecommerce cards

As ecommerce promotions, cards have the potential to generate significant revenue. They also reach a highly targeted niche audience, as the most popular advertisers for cards are golf courses and spas. This is especially useful, because neither of these advertisers typically do a lot of traditional media advertising.

Of course, the best strategy is to run a variety of different types of promotions throughout the year. To start planning a diverse promotions calendar for the whole year, download the Promotions Calendar Template now.


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Matt Coen is the Co-founder and President of Second Street, the leading provider of online promotions platforms and partner success services for the media industry. Coen also teaches entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis. In 2006, Coen Co-Wrote and Produced the award winning documentary Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? Coen began his career in media technology at Pulitzer Technologies as Director of New Business and Product Development. Coen is a native of Rhode Island who loves spending time with his family, sports, politics, travel, and serving on a number of community boards.
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