How to Package and Price Facebook Contests for Advertisers

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Shweiki  teams up with Matt Coen of Second Street Promotions Lab to present publishers with strategies for packaging and pricing Facebook contests for advertisers.

Generate revenue while helping small and mid-sized businesses meet their marketing goals

Advertisers want to grow their social following, increase their email databases and identify hot new leads, and print publications are exceptionally well positioned to help them meet their business and marketing objectives (while simultaneously producing a significant revenue stream for the print publication itself).

One big way media companies are leveraging this client need is by running a Facebook contest for the advertiser, on their page, like an agency. (To learn more about the distinction between a sponsored sweepstakes and an advertiser-model sweepstakes, check out this article.)

Assembling a Facebook Advertiser Contest Package

Some revenue should come from the core product, but it’s also important to take full advantage of digital assets, like those listed here: 

  • Email
  • Online run-of-site ads
  • Homepage flippers or rotating billboards
  • Dropdown & peel-away ads
  • Expanding pencils
  • Homepage takeover
  • Video pre-roll ads
  • Posts to social media channels like Facebook & Twitter

Another way for one to promote these contests is by getting the publication’s own talent involved by having them promote the contest through mentions in articles.

Pricing a Facebook Advertiser Contest Package

Once all of the elements included in the sponsorship package have been identified, it’s time to put a price on it. The best way to figure out what to charge for the package as a whole is to price each element individually and add it all up to determine the overall value.

For more information, there’s Second Street’s Guide to Monetizing Facebook with Advertiser Contests, a kit designed to help publishers start selling Facebook contests to their advertisers. In it, one will find the following:

  • Sample promotional packages for each media type
  • A comprehensive playbook full of tips and how-tos
  • A customizable sales pitch deck



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Matt Coen

Matt Coen is the Co-founder and President of Second Street, the leading provider of online promotions platforms and partner success services for the media industry. Coen also teaches entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis. In 2006, Coen Co-Wrote and Produced the award winning documentary Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? Coen began his career in media technology at Pulitzer Technologies as Director of New Business and Product Development. Coen is a native of Rhode Island who loves spending time with his family, sports, politics, travel, and serving on a number of community boards.
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